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Nirvana Clinical Massage

Do your body a favor with all-natural, non-medicated pain relief and physical rejuvenation with customized treatments from Nirvana Clinical Massage.

Years of experience working with Auto Insurance claims due to injury

Take a load off – we can come to you!

  • Clinical / medical massage

  • Deep Tissue massage

  • Craniosacral treatment

  • Sports injury massage

  • Performance massage

  • Traumatic Injury Relief massage

  • Back / neck repetitive strain massage

  • Degenerative disease treatment

  • Dental trauma / TMJD massage

In addition to offering you a state-of-the-art massage studio to visit, we also offer mobile services at your location of choice. Receive a soothing massage at your home, office, hotel, nursing home, and anywhere else!


*$25 out of house fee applies


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Looking for all-natural physical rehabilitation?

Don’t settle for a life of stiffness and aches when there’s a soothing, relaxing, and affordable answer right around the corner. You can alleviate everything from pain suffered in a traumatic injury, to acute and chronic conditions.

Shoulder massage

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Neck massage